Bloomberg Global Business Forum

Bloomberg Global Business Forum

The Bloomberg Global Business Forum scheduled for September 2020 was postponed due to insurmountable complications in hosting a live event caused by COVID-19. At this time we must prioritize everyone’s health and safety. A new date for the next Bloomberg Global Business Forum, likely in 2021, will be shared as soon as possible.

2019 Bloomberg Global Business Forum

Addressing Our Greatest Global Challenges Through Collaboration

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Restoring Global Stability

The rise of environmental and economic instability represents the greatest threat to global prosperity and the most pressing challenge of our time. Yet solutions for government and business to jointly combat this threat are within reach and need to be embraced to avert greater harm.

Preventing severe impact from climate change and enacting free trade are challenging, but realizing global prosperity without these critical tools is impossible, and uncertainty now stands as our greatest risk. As record temperatures rise, more frequent droughts, water shortages, and agriculture shortfalls destabilize more societies around the globe, further driving refugee and migration crises. Those who turn away from the international climate consensus sacrifice their ability to influence and lead on an issue considered an immediate threat to more than 50 percent of the world’s population. This growing volatility jeopardizes global alliances that help spread stability to all segments of society and threatens to escalate trade wars into real wars.

In September 2019, the third annual Bloomberg Global Business Forum convened the most important global leaders from the public and private sectors to address these threats from global warming to economic prosperity and examine the opportunities for solutions. There are remarkable examples of progress being achieved through partnerships and investments across the globe and this forum will assess where success can be replicated, with innovative ideas explored through dynamic leader-to-leader conversations and hands-on working groups.

How we respond to today’s challenges will determine the fate of global stability for generations to come. With the crisis of global warming and the uncertain application of significant technologies on the near horizon, time is critical. Global engagement through trade has been an overwhelmingly positive force for both advanced and developing economies but faces an uncertain future. This one-of-a-kind platform for leadership, relationship building, and collaboration moved beyond analysis and provided participants with a chance to shape an economy that meets our collective challenges and creates opportunity for all.

Participation at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum is by invitation only.